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At 19:46 on May 29, 2010, Stanus Cloete said…

Hi Mark, Here are the photo's of the steering group.
Best wishes.

At 16:00 on November 14, 2009, Maria Pressentin said…
Hi Mark,

The pleasure is all mine! You're a brilliant teacher, I intend to learn more from you any minute I can : )

Do keep me posted on your latest new leadership concepts, there is a fantastic potential on your new concept, and personally I really believe it will take off and STICK! Best of luck on that!

At 21:24 on May 18, 2009, Gerda Hammink said…
Dear Mark,
how happy I am with this virtual network! The spirit of SOL 2009 stays with me because of the possibility to stay in contact with all the great people I have met on Texel. Thank you very, very, very much for making this possible. Gerda
At 10:29 on May 18, 2009, Marianne Geurts said…
Dear Mark, thanks for the sharing thoughts during breakfast. And thanks for all your power and energy you have been investing in the (virual) network to make even more synergy possible... Marianne
At 16:12 on May 11, 2009, John Bonnett said…
Thanks for your early welcome to the group.
My minimal acquainance with the SF subject has led me to think its use could make business consultants more effective. Is that a possibility? Are there any examples, cases, where a series of SF steps have proven successful. Is there a 'best' approach to optimize its use?
At 22:33 on April 28, 2009, Roger Acton said…
Thanks Mark that clarifies things for me - I'll stick to using the full tool set.
All the best, Roger
At 20:35 on April 27, 2009, Roger Acton said…
Thanks for the welcome Mark much appreciated. Actually I do have one question/comment for you. I have really enjoyed applying the Solutions Focus Model in both 1:1 coaching and workshop situations - it feels really natural to me but ofd course needs losts of practice, as you say simple but subtle. My question relates to OSKAR, given your Solution Focus model has such flexibility why did you feel the need to add a specific coaching model. Thanks, Roger
At 12:47 on February 19, 2009, Julia Cook said…
Hi Mark,

Many thanks for the welcome, nice to hear from you. Kamila has also left a note for me, I feel like I belong already!

Don't do Facebook or any of those kinds of sites so it might take me a while to feel my way around this site. Gonna go now and see if I can do the friend adding thing....wish me luck! Julia.
At 19:07 on February 18, 2009, Karin Holzinger said…
Hello Mark, thanks for adding me to your circle of "friends" on SOLWorld, I'm honoured.

...currently trying very hard to remain solution-focused in the face of bad weather with snow and icy wind in Vienna ;o). Regards, Karin
At 6:34 on February 13, 2009, Meri Walker said…
Thanks for the tips, Mark. I've put code into these text boxes in Nings for awhile now, but I don't know WHAT code to use to get a Twitter update in here. Does Ning have a specific widget for this? Do I get it from Twitter? I've got updates on my wordpress blog with a plugin but I don't know what kind of widget to use here for Twitter... do you know? I figured you would because your feed looks so nice...
At 15:05 on February 12, 2009, Meri Walker said…
One more thing...Just followed you on Twitter and would love to add my Twitter updates to my page here. Would you please point me to the widget or whatever directions you used to add yours to your page?
At 15:01 on February 12, 2009, Meri Walker said…
Mark, I've benefitted from your thinking for almost ten years now...and am delighted that a current crisis in my home/office has pushed me out onto the web this week in search of new resources. And here's this Ning! I subscribed to the SOL list while I lived in Texas but "dropped the plot" when I moved up here to the NW. Been reading Coert's blog this week and found the link to this group. How delightful! I look forward to learning with and from you and the others here in the days and weeks to come.
At 8:30 on February 4, 2009, Agota Eva Ruzsa said…
Thanks and great! Once in the late 90s I met matthias in a wp outside Bpest and i know how committed he is to the writings of a man, called Bela Hamvas... I'd be glad to connect him. Agota
At 20:49 on February 3, 2009, Agota Eva Ruzsa said…
Hallo, Mark. Yes i have realized that, though I stillnot understand how you have come to SOL as a short form from Solution Focus?? And i do not know of the process at all , but have found a person connected to this network here in Budapest, so perhaps we meet. Apart from mySoL learning competencies background I am familiar as apractitioner with co-counselling, coaching in J. heron methodology, transpersonalpsychology based on psychosyntethis and now I am learning touse hellingerprocesses as well.
At 12:16 on January 6, 2009, Stephen Palmer said…
Happy New Year Mark.
At 10:28 on December 10, 2008, Coert Visser said…
At 11:55 on November 5, 2008, Marco Matera said…
Hi Mark
thank you lot for your writing about SOL-IT

I'll come back from Netherlands Sunday we will find a moment to dialogue by skype around my workshop with psychologies.
At 12:43 on November 3, 2008, Evan George said…
Hi Mark
Many thanks for your kind welcome.
Best wishes to you and to Jenny
At 1:14 on November 2, 2008, Klara Giertlova said…
Hi Mark, Thank you for your welcoming... I look forward to join the SOLWorLd with all of you and hope, in a short time I will be not the only Slovakian member here :-).
At 16:12 on October 21, 2008, Sophie Cook said…
It's spooky this ning thing. A whole new world on my laptop. Am already putting lots of SF into practice and have a really good idea for the case study, which I'd love to discuss with you. Kind regards, Sophie




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