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PS to my positive pictures expectations ...

For those of you wonderful solutionists who, after the Texellent conference of this year feel a bit nostalgic for former conferences, photosouvenirs of those are still accessible online.
Just replace the year's count in the link for the appropriate year (2003 - 2009).
The "SOLogne" in 2008 for example is accessible via this URL:



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My positive pictures expectation ...

Dear Solutionists,

a photograph of the SOL steering group, as convened during the Texel conference (and photographed by David Weber), plus a view of the plenary in the De Hof church are now available on this ning side.

More (quite some ...) of my photosouvenirs (including three nice ones I received from Loraine Kennedy) are accessible via this link:…


Added by Klaus Schenck on May 21, 2009 at 16:09 — 1 Comment

Rectification website

Hello everybody,
Unfortunatily I put a wrong website adress on my blog.
The right adress for looking at all the SOL pictures is:
The pictures will be posted next week.

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Pictures SOL2009TEXEL

Hello everybody,

I invite everybody to come and have look at the pictures from Texel. It is a part of all the pictures I took.
The rest will be posted on our website,

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Pictures from Texel for everybody

Hi everybody! I loaded my pictures from the SOL conference of Texel so come and have a look and enjoy what you see!
greets Stephanie

Added by Stephanie von Bidder on May 19, 2009 at 22:06 — 2 Comments

Texel goodie 2: Plenary Jaap Peters

can you please create with me the youtubevideo which inspires us to take more selfinitiative?

i was inspired by the idea of how to create an organisation, where structure supports and not disturbs selfresponsibility

Added by Katalin Hankovszky on May 15, 2009 at 18:00 — 2 Comments

Texel goodie

Workshop: Guerilla Goodness. Hit and run to change the world

Presenter: Lisa Boelaert & Herwig Deconinck

Place and time: Proeflokaal, friday 15 may 2009 at 11:45

maybe it's a good way of creating change in complex systems to do a specific act of "goodness" and hope for uncountable but useful impact. And if so: hit and trust (as Jenny inspired the change of wording from hit and run: not less intens and dynamic, i would say!)

compearble to me with the SF… Continue

Added by Katalin Hankovszky on May 15, 2009 at 17:52 — 2 Comments

R&D goes SF...

It sounds like a title of a new videoclip. But in real life it is a challenging new task that I took on board.

Since Hoogendoorn is the world leader on innovation in the Greenhouse IT business we have a serious (in numbers and mentality...) R&D team. Yearly we spend some 15% of our turnover on R&D, comparable with some of the major pharmaceutical companies. The R&D manager deliberately reports direct to me and not to the commercial manager since it is my opinion that… Continue

Added by Martin van Gogh on May 11, 2009 at 9:00 — 2 Comments

Latest news on the strange story of Phage

You may remember the section in The Solutions Focus book about the strange story of phage - the virus that eats bacteria. An evolving alternative to antibiotics, phage evolve along with bacteria and so offer a possible way to deal with bacteria which develop resistance to antibiotics. The parallel is with 'every case is different' (phage) vs 'every case is the same' (antibiotics).

I thought you might be interested to know that the development of phage treatments is continuing, with… Continue

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Hans-Peter Korn has sent you a message on SOLWorld. Hi Jon Thank you for joining this group! It is great that now we have a person from the positive deviance community in this group! Until now some …

Hans-Peter Korn has sent you a message on SOLWorld.

Hi Jon

Thank you for joining this group! It is great that now we have a person from the positive deviance community in this group!

Until now some of us (e.g. Mark McKergow ) tried to establish a closer contact to this community - and it seems, that there is no very remarkable motivation for such a contact to SF within this community....

Maybe you can post a blog in this telling more about your… Continue

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