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John Brooker SOL2013 Slideshow Part 2

SOLWorld Slideshow Part 2

The second part of the event. Happy memories!

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John Brooker SOL2013 Slideshow Part 1

SOL2013 slideshow part 1 A personal slideshow of the whole event. Happy memories. In two parts due to file size.

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Last two early bird places available for SOL World 2013

Dear SF colleagues and friends.

As you may know we offered 20 more places at the early bird price for those who had wanted to see the full programme for SOL World 2013 (May 14 - 17) before booking.

We would like to announce that we have just two places left at the lower price.  Once the two places are sold out or starting Monday, 15 April, the full price will be in force.

So if you have not booked yet, book now at…


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Solve Problems More Easily (Or “A Tale of Two Meetings)

“Where a minute before a handful of tech guys could agree on almost nothing, it took us only five minutes to identify the future perfect on which we all agreed.” Niklas Tiger. Managing Director of Hi5, Sweden.

How many meetings have you been in where you have tried to tackle a problem in a team and it just kept going round in circles?

The following is a true story related by Niklas Tiger, Managing Director of Hi5, an IT organisation in Sweden that provides outsourced IT…


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Uncovering Treasure: Influencing with Solution Focus - Report on SFCT UK Chapter call

Uncovering Treasure: Influencing with Solution Focus

Recently we had an SFCT UK call discussion on an article by Loraine Kennedy and Colin Coombs entitled “Uncovering Treasure: Influencing with Solution Focus.” This was printed in InterAction Volume 3 Number 2. We suggest you read this if you have not already done so.

Loraine pointed out that the article was a workshop paper and that it captured the learning from 3 workshops of 2 hours duration on the topic of Influencing…


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Using SF for Conflict Resolution - Outcome of SFCT call


Members of the SFCT UK and Ireland group discussed dealing with team conflict in an SF way. We referred to an article on this topic as a stimulus for discussion. Despite the low numbers the call enabled a valuable discussion.

Initial thoughts

The consensus was that, the typical SF approach is itself a very good way to deal with conflict. We (those on the call) thought that it is first important to enable people to air their concerns in a controlled way…


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Using Small Steps in a different way - Sprint Actions

“Great acts are made up of small deeds” - Lao Tzu, Chinese Philosopher


How do you effect change and maintain the operation…? 


Some of you may be the type of person to pull out a toolkit at first sight of a drawer knob dropping off or other domestic issue. To my discredit, I can always find something more interesting to do and many jobs build up before begrudgingly, I do them.

However, when our bathroom door hinge recently developed a very…


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Constructive Rant Platform Building for those who did not attend my session in SOL World 2011

When you hold a meeting it can be important to let people discuss their work problems and frustrations. However, if a lot of people state their concerns to the whole group it can consume time and create a negative mood in the meeting.

How can you effectively let people vent their frustrations and create a positive mood in the meeting, quickly? Here is a technique I have adapted from one called “Moan, Moan, Moan”. I call it the “Constructive Rant. “

I use it a great deal when I…


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Jumpstart into Solution Focus

You want to learn more about "Solution Focus"?

You prefer a "step by step" introduction instead to start with reading some
voluminous books?

You would appreciate to have a complete "helicopter view" on SF after the first step…


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Making the most of

If you’ve just arrived at (the SOLWorld ning group), you may be looking at all the features and wondering where to start.  This note might be helpful…



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Open Space at SOLworld conferences

SOLworld Open Space instructions as it was used at the 2011 conference, by Mark McKergow


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SOLWorld Resources

Welcome to the SOLWorld Resources section.  This part of the site features information about the SOLWorld network, our past events and materials from our previous website.  It will take some time to update all the information, so thanks for your patience. 

Information in this part of the site is 'read-only'.  If you want to start discussions, please go to the Forum or Groups. …


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