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On Monday 27th June at 8pm UK (BST/GMT+1 / 9PM CET we will be running the first ever SOLWorld Online Open Space session!  ———————— Joining instructions (topics below these!): All you need to d…

On Monday 27th June at 8pm UK (BST/GMT+1 / 9PM CET we will be running the first ever SOLWorld Online Open Space session! 


Joining instructions (topics below these!):

All you need to do is download, install and test the free Zoom software from, then at 8pm UK/9pm CET join us by clicking this link (or copy/paste URL):

Facilitators: Please join at 7.50pm UK so we can assign rooms and check video/audio feeds. (Please also give the following instructions/info to attendees at the start of your session as a reminder re. how to change sessions and recording of sessions).

Note to all: To leave a session and rejoin another one you must quit the session you are in completely (not just leave the ‘breakout room’), then rejoin the main session using the link above (otherwise we cannot reassign you to another room). We will be recording all sessions to upload to the SOLWorld site so if you do not want to be recorded on video please join using audio feed only. 

Session 1 may run as late as 8.55pm but please leave time for people to start the 2nd sessions at 9pm (it is OK for all attendees to join/move whenever they can/wish but it will be helpful to start sessions on time to ensure we can manage participants/breakout rooms via Zoom).

Session 2: There is still space for a couple of sessions here if enough people stay after Session 1, so please feel free to propose one on the evening and ask the facilitator in the main room to set up a break-out room if people have agreed to join you! (We will set up 6 breakout rooms for Session 2 for this purpose).


Full SOLWorld Open Spaces principles/rules here (Powerpoint File):

SOLworld Open Space instructions

(Or here if you cannot open/access):


Session One - 8pm (UK):


1 - SF and Mindfulness (Shakya Kumara)

This session will give you an introduction into using SF with Mindfulness and an opportunity to learn from and connect with Shakya who has 24 years experience of personal mindfulness practice. Shakya’s innovative mindfulness training helps even the busiest people reduce stress, get things done more easily and enjoy life more.

2 - Solution Focused Harm Reduction (Naomi Whitehead)

A session to explore the power of using solution focused approaches to reduce harm and increase positive outcomes. Will include examples of harm reduction in offender management and engaging young people involved in sexual, behavioural and substance risk taking. The session will combine effective practice ideas and attendee participation to embed the learning and hopefully lead to a fun and stimulating workshop. 

Naomi has 17 years of experience working in Youth Offending Harm Reduction, Safeguarding, Strategic Management and Homelessness. She now specialises as a Solution Focused Trainer, Therapist, Coach & Consultant. 


3 - SF & 'Flow' (David Shaked)

David will be facilitating a session on ‘Flow’. 

In his book ‘strength-based Lean Six Sigma’ he presents an innovative and unique approach to Lean Six Sigma. An approach that combines the leading approaches to business improvement with the latest developments from the world of organisational change. It blends the rigor of process improvement through Lean Six Sigma with the energy, creativity and commitment released through strength-based change. This blended approach helps build a much more positive, engaging and ultimately more sustainable culture of continuous improvement.

4 - 'Just hit the publish button!' Getting started with writing online (Ewan Muirhead)

A session for anyone blogging (or wanting to start!) about SF or related topics (we are also thinking about how to better promote SOLWorld blogs and bloggers). I’m a recent convert to SF and also blogging, keen to help spread the enthusiasm and usefulness of both SF and the wonderful community I’ve begun to meet recently at SOLWorld and the UKASFP conferences!


Session Two - 9pm UK Time


5 - Writing/marketing a full SF book (Alan C. Kay)

Alan’s session will be of interest to anyone who wants to write and publish their own book. He is the author of Fry the Monkeys and Monkey Free Meetings, with a wealth of experience in both SF and bringing an SF book to market.

Alan is a leader in Solution Focused practices in organizations. He has helped many organizations focus on solutions by asking better questions so that they can re-frame problems into solutions. He notes that his clients are the resource for change.


6 - Practify - how to use the power of social learning? (Anna Magos)

A session on Practify for those who have enjoyed taking part in the recent SOLWorld Practify demo (and anyone who is interested in learning about it!). The demo was really interesting and made great use of SF questions to help embed our learning from the SOLWorld conference in Liverpool.

As an organizational psychologist, Anna is passionate about empowering organizations and catalyzing change with a results-oriented mindset. Anna feels energized when I work with international clients. At Practify, Anna is responsible for international business development and managing international projects.


7 - Using SF in designing/implementing a Culture Change programme (Zarine Jacob)

Open session discussing ways of using SF to design/implement culture change programmes.


8-10? Up to you! You can propose a session before 8pm on Monday or if an idea comes out of Session 1 then jump back into the main ‘room’ (quit the breakout session and use the link below) and ask the host to set you up another breakout space :-)



All you need to do is download, install and test the free Zoom software from here, then at 8pm UK/9pm CET join us by clicking this link:

Have a great weekend, see you all on Monday

Ewan, Jesper & Co. :-)

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