Sharing and building Solution Focused practice in organisations

Solution - Focus practices as an open process

I strongly believe that the effectiveness of Solution-Focused practice is linked to its radical simplicity.

That is what makes Solution-Focused practices beautiful and elegant.

I also believe that what we are doing today is the seed of what we will be doing tomorrow.

In other words, Solution-Focused practice will one day be remembered as a stepping stone that led to a more comprehensive, even simpler, evidence-based and scientifically sound protocol for brief coaching and brief therapy.

Through careful observations of what works and taking cues from recent scientific discoveries so we can elaborate hypothesis, we have our work cut out for us.

I am not the only one thinking that we should move forward.

Here is what Michael Hjerth wrote recently, as a comment to an interview of Gale Miller:

In 2000 or something I asked Steve de Shazer if the work, discipline and research that led up to the model should be seen as a nescessary part of SF, or if SF could stand on it’s own, as described in his books. He clearly indicated that the process was part of it. So, going back to basics in SF is not going back to Steve’s or Insoo’s books. It means going back to hard (but probably delightful) work: disciplined observation, research, challenging yourself, practice. The name Solution focus isn’t to be taken to seriously. Steve always, at least when I asked him, really saw him self as a Brief Therapist first, and Solution focused second. So Therapy (help clients) done Briefly (using as little resources as possible) is key.

And here is what Coert Visser says in his blog, in a recent comment:

Insoo Kim Berg once answered the following question: “Do you see the solution-focused approach as a finished approach or do you think it will keep on developing and changing?” She started laughing and answered right away in a don’t-be-silly kind of way: “Oh no, it’s not finished. For any model to stay alive it will need to constantly keep developing and renewing itself.” She smiled brightly and continued: “So, we need bright young people who will do that.”

Are we up to the task?

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Comment by william collier on September 15, 2009 at 0:25
Yes thats the way it works.
Comment by Paolo Terni on August 13, 2009 at 16:02
Good point!
Let's have fun, then, and let's keep making progress by remaining "open, connected, future-oriented and creative"!
Comment by Bart van Loon on August 13, 2009 at 11:58
Paolo, because of this it becomes even clearer to me that the essence ofSF has not so much to do with 'having a positive approach' with compliments and encouragements as with 'finding out what works in the situation at hand'. So, with respect to the inherent attitude-part of SF, it is the process-part, the 'finding out' that makes it SF. And what can be more SF, than making continuous progress, remaining open, connected, future-oriented and creative. That's not a task, it's a pleasure!




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