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Hi everybody,

great visualisation on the downfalls of positive thinking:

cheers,  Bart


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Barbara. I love this video; I wrote about it on my blog ...Thinking happy thoughts will not make your organization, team, and ...

Here are some clips of what i wrote;
Positive thinking and the belief that we can attract our positive fortunes is something I have always had issue with.

The idea of going inward to find the solution to concerns and that seeking truth through positive thoughts will make you rich – PHOOEY!

Even worse the false paradigm of if you believe and have a great attitude then success will find you, and if success does not find you then you were not being positive enough.

Alternatives suggestions (as mentioned in the video) is to take a more realist approach to this. Understanding that reality and objects exists outside of your head and self. People, processes, systems, organizations, chairs exist even when you are not thinking of them and act independently and dependently upon you.

Thanks a lot for sharing it, Bart :)

I will spread it too, as it touches many points I am unhappy about when I hear them in various interactions (the cruelty of trying to escape uncomfortable feelings by demanding positive thinking when firing employees being one of them).

best regards,


Thanks for sharing! I was looking for a little background for a short workshop on 'learning from success'. This puts it in the right perspective. 





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