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what are your best hopes?” Author Katherine Waldock

Permission to share has been granted by author.

I share this blog with you as a thank you to the SF community. It is through this very community that our practice continues to thrive and develop in a way that makes a real difference to our service users and to our staff.

Thank you for joining FBS chats. Thank you for the networking opportunities. Thank you for our conversations.

I hope you enjoy Katherine's blog. Be proud of it as you have all played a small part in her…


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The SF advent calendar - advent, advent, adventure

We love the Christmas Season and as Elfie is a very passionate Christmas ambassador (maybe even more a kind of Christmas elf) we are super excited to invite you to our Solution Focused Advent Calendar for the 4th time! For the first time we have two language versions. Click below for the English version or here for the German version: …


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The Paradox of Leadership with Nora Bateson, 21 April 2017, Berlin

Greetings to SF colleagues after a long while! I hope to rejoin the wonderful conversations here again. For now:

I wanted to signpost to an event my colleague Eric Lynn in Germany is organising. I have been interested in Nora Bateson's (daughter of Gregory Bateson as most will know) work for some time, and her idea of ‘symmathesy’ resonates with me:…


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How we use SF in our company

I work for a company where we are trying to implement SF methods. Here is our story.

We are a small company with around fifty office workers. Several months ago our computer systems were breached by an advanced ransom Trojan like Osiris. It encrypted our client’s database and many other important documents. That was a big blow for us. We had to pause most of our business processes to deal with that ransomware attack. We started to…


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Post-Brexit free open space event by Katherine Long: Monday, July 4, 10:00 AM to 12:00 PM (BST)

In case of interest to any here. A good colleague of mine. Not SF specifically though very SF oriented - Katherine, I mean. I hope to attend online. Here's what she says about it:

"This is a…


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On Monday 27th June at 8pm UK (BST/GMT+1 / 9PM CET we will be running the first ever SOLWorld Online Open Space session!  ———————— Joining instructions (topics below these!): All you need to d…

On Monday 27th June at 8pm UK (BST/GMT+1 / 9PM CET we will be running the first ever SOLWorld Online Open Space session! 


Joining instructions (topics below these!):

All you need to do is download, install and test the free Zoom software from, then at 8pm UK/9pm CET join us by clicking this link (or copy/paste URL):…


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What's Working in Sustainable Agriculture?

This free webinar will give you some exciting strategies for Sustainable Agriculture, as well as an effective way to decode your own solutions and share them widely!

Access the webinar immediately here: …


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The Best Tour Packages Are Available With Affordable Price

Kerala Best Tour Packages ,Kerala the gods own country is specially known for its natural beauty. You can see the play of green where ever you look. One of the main reasons  behind this natural exquisiteness is its rich water resources. Kerala backwater is spread across many…


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Why I failed, and you don’t have to.

Have you ever pitched your dream? I mean, really got the chance to tell the right people your idea?


I have. And it didn’t turn out quite how I expected.

Let me set the scene for you: Years ago I was working passionately on a project supporting female coffee farmers in Rwanda.  I was part of a leadership training at the time, and I was dying to…


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Struggling to get people moving? Fix it with one simple meeting.

Hi fellow SolWorld-er :)


Are you are finding that getting your collaborative partners moving is tough? Especially working across sectors, borders, cultures etc.


A really good meeting can change that. (Eh? Does such a thing exist?!)


I ran a hugely successful webinar ‘How to run a meeting that inspires your collaborative partners…


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Conference Report: 2nd Danish Solution Focused Conference

The 2nd Danish solution focused conference ( took place last week in Copenhagen. With 50 participants and 2 days program on "Difference that makes a difference" it was a…


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Design Meetings that Inspire Action! FREE webinar April 26th at 12pm PST

FREE Webinar: Design Partnership Meetings that Inspire Action!

Why: Getting aligned with stakeholders is crucial to make partnerships work, whether they be cross-sector, or even internal. 

What: This webinar will give you a step by step guide of how to design a collaborative meeting for between 10 and 100 people that will leave people inspired,…

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How do you run an inspiring collaborative meeting?

This free webinar will give you a step by step guide of how to design a collaborative meeting for between 10 and 100 people that will leave people inspired, energized and ready to take action.

It will also give you some exercises to use in your own meeting, tailored to your desired outcomes.

Join me on May 3rd, 12pm PST - please register here:…


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How do you run an inspiring collaborative meeting?

Join me for a free webinar on April 26th at 12pm PST, for a step by step guide to running meetings that will leave your social change collaborators buzzing with motivation!

Register here:…


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SOLWorld Conference 2016, Practify and study buddies


Practify. What is it?

Practify is an online space where you share reflections on learnings in various situations. For those at the conference it will focus on learnings from attending the conference and the open spaces.

The system has a playful approach (gamification) where you score when you complete…


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Early bird deadline for SOLWorld 2016 conference is the end of March!

The wonderful SOLWorld 2016 conference is booking up.  Remember that the cheapest way to get there is to take the early bird discount and book before the end of March 2016.  Full details at the conference page

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Little e-book about solution-focus

How can you make Solution-Focus as easy to understand as possible?

By using children stories!

I gave it a try, and now my little book of solution-focused-inspired children stories is available on Amazon as an e-book.

For educators, practitioners and change agents.

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In search for a Coach in Zagreb/ Croatia

Dear members, At the moment I am searching for a coach near Zagreb/Croatia for a client of mine. Offers please to me! Thanks, Gesa

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SF and the new politics of Syriza in Greece

What can we say about politics from a solution-focused viewpoint?  I know several SF practitioners have been considering that question for a while, and it was on Fania Pallikarakis's mind when she interviewed me recently for her article in the Huffington Post.


Here's the interview.


FP           Do you believe that SF ideas could apply in a political setting?

PZJ         Solutions Focus is the direct route to positive change. The approach is founded on…


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Solution-focused politics; the case of Syriza

Dear All,

Last week at the SOLworld CEE in Budapest, I met Paul Z. Jackson and we discussed how Solution Focus may apply into a political context. The outcome was published in Huffington Post Greece. You can find the English version of the interview on my website, here: …


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Jumpstart into Solution Focus

You want to learn more about "Solution Focus"?

You prefer a "step by step" introduction instead to start with reading some
voluminous books?

You would appreciate to have a complete "helicopter view" on SF after the first step…


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Making the most of

If you’ve just arrived at (the SOLWorld ning group), you may be looking at all the features and wondering where to start.  This note might be helpful…



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Open Space at SOLworld conferences

SOLworld Open Space instructions as it was used at the 2011 conference, by Mark McKergow


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SOLWorld Resources

Welcome to the SOLWorld Resources section.  This part of the site features information about the SOLWorld network, our past events and materials from our previous website.  It will take some time to update all the information, so thanks for your patience. 

Information in this part of the site is 'read-only'.  If you want to start discussions, please go to the Forum or Groups. …


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