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Comment by Zarina Ismail on August 9, 2016 at 12:42

 I have had great success with SF in training people for horseback archery-an ancient martial art. While the physical exercise prepares the body, SF prepares the mind. 

Comment by Yasuteru Aoki on December 12, 2011 at 5:27

Dear solutionists of Asia,
On behalf of the J-SOL 5 organizing team I would like to invite you to our fifth national SF conference to be held in Kyoto, Japanese ancient capital city, on the weekend of June 23rd-24th 2012. The official language is Japanese, but we will provide a small guidebook in English and also whispering translator throughout the conference. It’s the way we Japanese group participate in the past SOL conferences with headsets and wireless transmitter as you might have noticed. For foreign participants who must travel a long long distance, we would like to add a special sightseeing package so that it will be worthwhile for you just to come. Ruiko Aoki, my wife, will be your tour guide. She is currently a student at Kyoto University of Art and Design and is eager to be an entertaining hostess to you. And some of you might want to contribute a workshop in the conference. We will provide a translator for that also.   
We value the international diversity and cross cultural exchange of views and ways we utilize SF. Therefore, we would like to welcome foreign participants. Since our first conference (J-SOL1), we have had the honor of welcoming Mark Mckergow, Jenny Clark, Kirsten Dierolf, Peter Szabo, Stephanie von Bidder, Monika Houck, George Agafitei, Fredrike Bannink, Simon Lee and Michael Hjerth. And you can read the English report of J-SOL1 on this link;

So far Simon Lee is the only Asian who has come to J-SOL. And we want to learn more from other Asians, too. So if are interested even a tiny bit, please feel free to ask me any questions.

Sample Itinerary:
June 20      Arriving at KIX (Kansai International Airport) in the morning
                    Guided sightseeing in Kyoto in the afternoon.
           21      Guided sightseeing in Kyoto all day
           22      Free day    
  23-24   J-SOL 5 Conference (Kyoto)
           25      Good-bye and go home or continue the trip elsewhere
The price and the details will be posted later. We appreciate it very much if you could send me an email just to show your interest in this trip even before you make final decision. If there is even a tiny bit of possibility for you to come, please send a simple “Hi” mail to with just your name and a simple line saying you are interested in participating in J-SOL 5. I will send you more details later.
Thank you for reading this posting.
With a deep bow

Yasuteru Aoki (Aoki-san)

Comment by Yasuteru Aoki on March 31, 2011 at 4:00

Simon, CONGRATULATIONS on your new website of BriefAcademy.

It's so HOT and looking so COOL!

Deep bows


Comment by Simon Wong on March 15, 2011 at 1:39

Hi Shan, sorry to take awhile to reply. 


Thanks for the tips. I like the book from Peter Szabo. It is very useful as reference and insights on SF. Brief is a product of SF approach. How nice.




Comment by SHAN on March 1, 2011 at 7:47

Communicating the benefits: You can share the works that you have done and how it has benefited your clients. You will need permission from them or ask for testimonials.

You may also share SF and related theories in action. I am sure you can find plenty within SOL world.  I would also recommend you to read Brief Coaching for Lasting Solutions by Insoo Kim Berg and Peter Szabo.

Videos: You may want check out you tube.

Hope the info helps

Comment by Simon Wong on March 1, 2011 at 5:55

Hi Shan, I have to admit I was quite hesitant to insert a post having noticing that the last post was Sept 09 by Edwin. I am happy you share your thoughts about SF and how you have been using it.


I have many similar experiences with non SF practitioner who are used to pathology or problem oriented approach. To them understanding the cause is the key to achieving therapeutic success. I prefer to go Solution Focused as it is much faster and less "tissue" moments.


These days, my corporate training includes significant amount of SF. Is simply faster and "magical" like you said.


Thank you for your tip on communicating the benefits. If you don't mind, can you share with me how you do that? Write up, video? I am looking for ways to be more effective and impact-full to pitch for corporate deals.


Yes, I will take you up on meeting when I next pop up in KL. Any thoughts about Solution Talk get together?



Comment by Simon Wong on March 1, 2011 at 5:43

Hi Didi, nice to hear there is an active group in Malaysia. Is also heartening to hear you are open to discuss and leverage on each other. I am very much into generative collaboration. And also very incline on deepening the art and skills of SF through discussion and practice. In one way, I approach SF like a martial arts practitioner. Constant practice to get it "into the muscles". Constant discussion to deepen the understanding of the basic principles. 


Comment by SHAN on March 1, 2011 at 4:15

Hi Simon Wong, Thank you for breaking the silence in this group.

My Experience: It is a challenge to shift minds from problem solving mode to solution focus mode. When the individuals/teams I coach/facilitate experience the fruits, they are ready to embark on a solution focus journey, then 'magic' happens.

So to answer your question What works: Communicate the benefits and let your client experience the approach.

I use the approach as part of every coaching and facilitation work I do and also include it in my day to day conversation.

I am grateful to Simon Lee who helped me start my Solution Focus journey.

As Didi mention we can always meet and have a chat and share.

Comment by Didi Saleh on March 1, 2011 at 3:54
Simon Wong, there is a group of SF coaches here in Malaysia. Simon Lee in fact taught all of us. We can always have a chat and discuss. The gorgeous thing about Simon & SF is that we are open to discussing and leveraging each other's resources & strengths, with the intention of truly helping the clients as well as each other.
Comment by Simon Wong on March 1, 2011 at 1:22



I am based in Singapore/Malaysia. I would like to get in touch with SF practitioner in this region to chat about what works for Asia. How is SF being adopted in this part of the world.


Look forward to hearing from you.


Best regards,

Simon Wong

p/s Simon Lee, thanks for starting this group.


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